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Best Practice #1 By Iis Solihah, S.Pd.

Using STAR method - Situation (Situasi), Challenge (Tantangan), Action (Aksi), and Reflection of Result (Refleksi Hasil)

Arranged by:

Iis Solihah, S.Pd.

Integrated in Solve the Students’ Problems in Learning Process

In this part, there are some explanations about the situation, challenge, action and also reflection of result (STAR) that integrated in solve the students’ problems in learning process also related with the material (procedure text).


In my class, the complexity of English grammar is one of the factors that students confuse to the grammar concept in procedure text. Because in this material, there are a language feature that should be in focused. Such as, use Present simple and also the sequence adverb for example first, second, next, then etc and also use imperative sentences. Sometimes the students feel confused how to use that language features. Besides that, Insufficient Teaching Methods used may not effectively address students' specific needs in Speaking. It is important for instructors to employ a variety of approaches, including interactive activities, related to the real-life scenarios, project based and problem based. So, I found the method or strategy to implement in the class. According to Syahmadi (2023), the implementation of Project based learning is able to facilitate students in developing certain skills such as speaking, providing learning processes that can be significantly beneficial for students, increasing creativity and motivation, and increasing discipline and collaboration of students. So, I decided to use Project based learning in this PPL 2. However, in this learning process I found some challenges, such as; it has time consuming which is the Project-based learning takes significant time to plan and execute. And also, the grouping is one of solution to apply in the project but I must concern about the heterogeneous level. It can make strong students resentful and weak students weaker when done incorrectly.


In learning process, I used the food recipes that it would be the most interesting things to demonstrate in front of the class. Also, they did all the process in PjBL syntax in a group and its so helpful and they can show the good progress in every single syntax of the learning process. They designed the product, arranging the schedule, the teacher also monitoring students’ activation and development, test result in presentation and evaluation. For further activity, you can see in this video.


Based on my reflection by using this method and strategy, I can conclude that their motivation is increasing for learning in English class, it shows with their enthusiastic during the learning process. Regarding to the students’ reflection (questioner). The media makes the material is more interesting. Regarding to the students’ reflection (questioner). There are statements I feel English is fun and I feel easier to understand about the vocabulary in this unit by using Word wall. Based on the statements, the students check list in (Get it) or yes. They can increase their creativity to make a good dish in front of the class. For the result of assessment, you can find in this link;


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